Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Ques 1.What is Indian Paramedical Council ?

Ans. Indian Paramedical Council is India's No. 1 Skill Council Since 2009, In Real Sense Open For All of any Age, Sex & Education with the Aim to Provide Council Education to All Citizens of India with Slogan One Person: One Skill can Earn Livelihood For Life. According to Indian Constitution Every Citizen has Right For Education and Right to Learn For Livelihood.

Ques 2. What is Council?

Ans. A Council is Universal City Model of Learning, where Skills and Talents of the Youth is Recognized, Identified, Prepared, Developed and Trained for Innovation Research and Inventions in Every Field of Specialization to Generate Job-Opportunities for Livelihood Welfare of the People of the Universe.

Ques 3. What are Different Types of Councils?

Ans. Academic Councils, Skill Councils, Technological Council, Religious Councils, Vocational Councils, Professional Councils ?

Ques 4. How Indian Paramedical Council For Self-Employment, India is Unique and Different Council?
  1. Age, Sex, Education No Bar in Indian Paramedical Council.
  2. Open For All. Any Body Can Take Admission, Any Time as Per Convenience.
  3. Different School of Thoughts of this Skill Council.
  4. To Provide Skill Education to All As Per Abilities For Livelihood.
  5. Affiliates Low Budget Training / Skill Institutions from All States & Union Territories of India.
  6. Different Teaching & Learning Methodology to Develop Skills & Talents.
  7. Individualized Skill Education For Every One.
  8. Different Management Concepts and Teaching Methodology & Philosophy.
  9. All India Campus Consisting of Hundreds of Affiliated Institutions in various States of India.
  10. Indian Paramedical Council Starts Work with the Available Resources.
  11. Skill Education For All Available online (24Hours) Any Time Direct From Council Main Campus.
  12. Does not come Under the Preview and Jurisdiction of UGC /AICTE/MCI or any other Medical Board Due to its Distinct Features
  13. INDIAN PARAMEDICAL COUNCIL FOR SELF-EMPLOYMENT, INDIA GLOBAL AUTONOMOUS ENTERPRISING SELF-RELIANT SKILL ORIENTED VOCATIONAL INNOVATIVE COUNCIL Has its own philosophy and school of thoughts, non-traditional system of training, India’s First, Proud to be Non-Academic COUNCIL, at their doorsteps for innovations and research in the minds, skills, latent TALENTS of all the people for the overall development of individuals and for the country to the best of their internal satisfaction, conducts its own, self-competency development programme / training for all, Where Age,Sex,Education-No Bar. Trade Diplomas for Entrepreneurship (Non-Academic) in recognition of excellence of GLOBAL VOUSE Programme to Generate Employment Opportunities to Eradicate Unemployment and have been reviewed by CR Act , Ministry of HRD, Government of India and does not come under the purview of UGC/AICTE/MCI or any other Medical Board Acts.INDIAN PARAMEDICAL COUNCIL FOR SELF EMPLOYMENT, INDIA IS ESTABLISHED UNDER THE PROVISIONS MENTIONED IN TMR ACT1999, Section 23 (2), Rule 62 (1).

  14. Indian Paramedical Council is Providing Certificate & Diploma of In-Service Skilled & Experienced Personnel Under Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) For their Outstanding Services in their Field of Specialization

  15. Provision For Experienced & Skilled Retired Personnel to Utilize their Expertise and Skills For Training, Innovation & Research Purposes For the Development of the Nation. Developing National Directory of Skilled People of India, State-wise, District-wise and Area-wise.

Ques 5. Where the Diploma Holders of Indian Paramedical Council For Self-Employment, India Get Jobs ?

Ans. Diploma Holders Of Indian Paramedical Council Are Getting Jobs In Government, Semi Government, Private Organizations In India & Abroad. See Council Credentials In Website.