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Before fill up application, Please refer IPC Terms & Conditions and How to get approval

Terms & Condition for grant of permission to conducting regular training classes of the prescribed courses offered by the INDIAN PARAMEDICAL COUNCIL, UTTAR PRADESH are as under :

  • The Free Training Program of Nursing Assistant and Child Care Nursing Powered by INDIAN PARAMEDCAL COUNCIL is being operated with the cooperation of the people, which is only received from the registration fee only from students.
  • You deposit the shadow of the credentials of your registered institution and receive the Authorized Center request form for Your Authorized Center from Our Authorized Center after pay Rs. 500/-only
  • After Application Letter, you can apply for your Center's Survey, the Survey Fee for the approval of your location & advance proceedings within 100 KM. of 5000/- and above 100 KM. 10,000/- will have to deposit the Survey Fees, Which will you have to deposit with the Application Form.
  • During the Survey, your location and area is found suitable for the center, then the Approach Letter for the Indian Paramedical Council Center will issue, then you will have the depth letter of Your Franchisement, Registration, Development Fees, Agreement in shape of Bank Draft/NEFT/Cash as below category wise amount :
    • For Four (Two Certificate and Two Diploma) Nursing and Paramedical Courses Franchise Fee Rs. 50,000/- (Fifty Thousand Only)
    • More than Four Nursing and Paramedical Courses Rs. 1,00,000/- (One Lakh Only) for the Contract Letter of 3 Years Affiliation Fee in favour of INDIAN PARAMEDICAL COUNCIL, Which will be neither refundable nor adjustable in any circumstances or situation.
  • You can Transfer the Amount directly in Any Branch of HDFC BANK in favour of "INDIAN Paramedical Council, INDIA"

CURRENT A/C NO.50200050743880,

IFSC Code: HDFC0000298




Money can be Transferred in Council Bank account through NEFT/ RTGS.(IFSC Code: HDFC0000298) , E-Mail the Scan Copy of NEFT/RTGS OR Money Transfer Slip.

Dr. K. L. Srivastava
Mob. +91 9956794516

NOTE : INDIAN PARAMEDICAL COUNCIL can modify or amend these Terms & Conditions and Charges from time to time as per need without any prior notice.